• Patricio Cordero

    Patricio Cordero

    I am Patricio Cordero, a software engineer focused on create online services for business and people. I love technology, music and food.

  • Ivo Galic

    Ivo Galic

    Googler, Cloud, Blockchain and Real-Time https://www.linkedin.com/in/ivogalic/

  • Oktay Dağdelen

    Oktay Dağdelen

    Software Engineer - Github: https://github.com/oktydag

  • Preethi Vijay

    Preethi Vijay

  • Markus Hanslik

    Markus Hanslik

    writes about web development, starting up, and managing projects and people.

  • Fabrício José

    Fabrício José

    Entrepreneur, Software Developer

  • Thach Chau

    Thach Chau

  • Adeel Anwar

    Adeel Anwar

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